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Broken Spring Repair

A spring handles 90% of the garage door weight while closing or opening and the other 10% is handled by the garage door opener. This makes new motor installation in the door opener an important task as well. When the weight is increased the spring is most likely to break rendering the garage door useless since it cannot open or close. The spring is the heart of the garage door thus requires regular maintenance and regular repair or replacement services done to enhance daily operation of the door. Different brands and types of garage doors use different types of the spring; always look out while purchasing a spring for your door. Garage door repair Green lawn NY offers various types of springs for your garage door, repair or replacement of an old or worn out spring with a new one.

Contact us today for any issue concerning the garage door; we have excellent technicians who can handle any kind of door. Having gone through the necessary training, handling over ten garage door with spring problem in a day has exposed them enough to handle any type of spring torsion or extension springs they have got the right tools to fix it as soon as you call us consider your issue taken care of.

Replacing a broken spring may seem simple but it highly depends on the level of damage the spring has endured, if it is just a noisy garage door then one may consider applying some oil to ease up the tension and reduce the risk of wear and tear .If the problem is actually a broken or misplaced spring then you might need a technician to take a look at the garage door for you.

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